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Featured Workshop:

Applied Project Management for Everyone! (Virtual)


                           {Three 2.5-hour sessions plus homework}


The best virtual business workshop ever?


  • Students select a real-world project to work on during the workshop

  • A master instructor (Jay Ress) guides students as they apply fundamental principles and best practices to their project

  • Numerous virtual break outs and Q&A sessions

  • Students complete templates for each phase of the project lifecycle, and share with teammates

  • Students complete several ‘Personal Performance Target’ worksheets, and follow the model of ‘continuous improvement’ to apply workshop learning to their skill set

  • Students submit their Performance Target worksheets to the instructor and get personalized feedback

  • Course also includes a “Supervisor Guide”, to help managers support their direct-reports who take the workshop

  • Cost-effective: Volume Discount pricing as low as $380/student


Here is what students have said about this workshop in the past 30 days:


  • “Great, highly recommended and now we know why. Very engaging.”

  • “Thank you for a terrific class!  I don’t think I have ever left a company offered class so excited to use what I’ve learned.

  • “As someone who has worked remotely for a long time, it is very refreshing to finally be able to take advantage of classes like this.”

  • “I really enjoyed how the virtual version of this was structured…really loved the fact that we were still able to have breakouts.”

  • “A great introduction to project management. A great interactive forum.”

  • “All of this is very helpful material… something that I can utilize for future projects.”

  • “Jay was great! Really engaging and kept my attention, which given the environment is a big win!”

  • “Really liked being able to interact with Jay directly, get feedback on our input, and really enjoyed the breakouts

  • “Jay has a great instructing style of combining positivity with constructive feedback. He was clear, informative, and engaging with the class.”

  • “I appreciated that Jay took time to hear about our projects individually and make comments on them.  Also that he's providing one-on-one feedback through our homework. I think that's most helpful for someone new to project management.”

  • This workshop will be helpful in… “Planning and implementing future projects… Will help me to be a skilled "agent of change"…Documentation and understanding the needs of stakeholders... Being a strong leader in projects... Improved organizational and time management skills…Setting realistic expectations of processes and deadlines… Leading meetings…Planning, analyzing results.  Working with stakeholders who aren't necessarily helping move the project along… Having a clear path from start to finish and knowing which areas/steps to address at which stage…Getting people to buy in to a project and helping people accept and embrace change/transitions.”

About the instructor:


Jay Ress is well known in the Nashville business community as a thought leader, instructor, consultant, and ace project manager.  Jay has contributed to the careers of hundreds of successful business professionals, and been a valued member of the Project Management Institute, the International Institute of Business Analysis, and Scrum Alliance.  He is a trusted consultant and project manager to some of the best known, and fastest growing, companies in America.  ​He brings this experience, dedication, and expertise to every course he teaches.

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