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Online Training


Outset 'Preferred' Customers qualify for exceptional discounts and payment terms. 


The Outset Online Training Experience


The Outset Group works closely with each customer.  We draw on deep subject matter expertise, and decades of training experience, to design an online training solution for your precise needs and budget.


   But there’s more to a successful workshop than subject matter expertise and workshop design.  The Outset Group method of ‘applied learning’ takes it to the next level.  For every workshop we teach, students must bring in a current project to work on.  From the first moment, students are learning in ways that directly impact real world results.  We believe that is the best way to generate ROI from training.

   Select the workshop(s) that interest you, and we will work with you to create a customized education program that earns rave reviews

Applied Project Management (Fundamentals) – Team members apply fundamental principles and tools to a current project


Very informative. My goals were exceeded and my objectives met. I think I am better prepared to handle projects and those working for and with me.  This course is excellent for both the experienced and new project manager.”

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Outset Online Workshops


Applied Project Management (Advanced)Team members assess the health of their project, and apply appropriate strategies and methods to reduce risks and optimize success   


"This workshop was concise, detailed, focused, informative, beneficial...would be difficult to improve....changed my perspective on how to manage a project, what I absolutely must do in order to ensure success."

Applied Business Analysis (Fundamentals) – Team members apply the fundamentals of business analysis to their business case and requirements   


"Far exceeded my expectations. Very relevant, applicable material."

Requirements Elicitation & Management – Team members assess the quality of their requirements, and learn new strategies and methods to produce complete, consistent requirements that are endorsed by business owners, stakeholders, and the project team


"This really has been everything I could ask for. The requirements gathering and traceability were the highlight for me."

‘Requirements’ for Project Managers – What every project manager should know about Requirements principles and methods, and an action plan to apply this knowledge to their current project 


"This workshop exceeded my expectations... pulled in all the areas of BA and requirements from end to end."

Proactive Communication for Project Managers – Project managers learn a comprehensive set of communication tools for each stage of the project life cycle 


Everyone’s objectives were met.  The open interaction and exercises were very helpful.  This allowed us to learn from each other...very beneficial."

Applied Management Skills (Fundamentals) – Ideal ‘foundations’ course for technical professionals making the transition to management. 


"The instructor is highly knowledgeable, an effective communicator, a talented educator, and very motivational!!"

Applied Management Skills (Advanced) – Team members practice and internalize a proactive, assertive, self-aware management style that is effective under all management scenarios   


"Great: Informative, pertinent, on-subject…Great job.   Very engaging – requiring us to interact rather than lecturing. Awesome class."

Applied Business Leadership – Team members practice and internalize the skills of goal setting, running action-oriented meetings, group facilitation, stress management, problem solving, and building positive work relationships. 


"Conflict resolution role playing, project discussions, self assessment and awareness. Amazing instructor."

Project Management for Healthcare Professionals –  Team members benefit from the Outset Group’s deep and current experience leading a wide range of projects in the healthcare field 


"Far exceeded my expectations. Very relevant, applicable material."

Project Management for IT Professionals   Team members bring their IT projects into this workshop, and apply PM principles and tools under the guidance of a highly experience IT project manager/instructor.

"Good content, well presented…Clearly an expert on the subject; handled questions well."

PMI PMP Exam Preparation –  Highly interactive training to fully prepare for, and pass, the PMP exam. 


"This was a great experience.  I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone planning to take the PMP exam."

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