COVID-19 Solutions

Daily Stand Up -- Family Edition

This is a great way to add structure to your family’s daily routine.  Rather than list the many benefits, let’s jump right in.  Here is a script you can use (and adapt) to present the idea to your kids:


   Business travel not an option

   Employees forced to work from home

   Team members challenged to stay motivated and engaged in their work


   We will quickly customize our acclaimed Outset Online solutions for you.

  • Keep engagement high with remote workshops tailored to your current projects and team needs

  • Unite the team through online work sessions to plan for upcoming projects and deliverables    

  • Deliver online workshops to create new and valuable skills (project management, business analysis, communication, leadership)

  • Actively manage risks and improve individual and team performance

  • Keep momentum going on critical projects

  • Generate ROI by applying idle travel budgets to online solutions

  • Demonstrate proactive, innovative leadership, and get results